Hi, I'm Ellie!

A Digital Designer & Illustrator.



Product & UI/UX Design

Grocari is an app I designed which makes use of artifical intelligence. It uses a camera to monitor your fridge and/or cupboards to generate a real-time shopping list on your phone. The list is generated based on quantity remaining and items frequenly being purchased.



Ginicons are a collection of 12 icons I designed, heavily influenced by the unique, individuality of gin brands. I took on the challenge of simplifying such detailed objects into icons which are accompanied with a promotional website.

My Brand

Branding & Visual Identity

As part of my image, I wanted to create a unique and distinctive brand. For this, I created a logo which encompasses my initials. To ensure consistency with my brand, I produced a brand guide which outlines my personality and key values that have heavily influenced my brand.

Mental Health in the UK

Infographic & Data Visualisation

I produced an infographic to highlight the key facts and challenges relating to mental health within the UK. I interpreted the data to present it in a more visual and informative way. The key techniques I used were iconography alongside bold and enlarged typography to highlight the key points of the infographic.

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